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Anagram creator December 29, 2006

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Creating anagrams for Sunday school activities can be time consuming. But there are several online anagram tools that can take the pain away. A favourite one of mine is BlackDog’s Anagram Creator.
It works with multi-word phrases and you can limit the results by specifying how many words you want the anagram to be. Try it!


pre-Teens October 4, 2006

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There is a survey on the pre-teen age group with commentary on church blogger.

Second Sunday – Genesis 1 September 18, 2006

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I finally managed to contact H on Friday and she asked me to take the kids out because of the persistant back injury she has.

We did look at Genesis 1, and had a little discussion time regarding it. It is hard though, as there is a varing age group. The older kids are ready to discuss and think about evolution and young earth creationism, whereas the younger ones are interested but do not quite appreciate the importance. At the moment they are much more willing to take things on face value.

H was not impressed with the idea of covering Genesis. She felt it had been covered in enough detail before and thought it would be more productive to do something else. However, she did agree to take the children out next Sunday, so that is something.

First Sunday – Leprosy September 11, 2006

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Well, I took the kids out yesterday and, it total, there were 5. In the end, as there was a guest speaker in the church from The Leprosy Mission, I decided to look at a situation when Jesus healed some lepers and how He reacted to them, and how they reacted to Him.

This is a simplified version of what I used, as I used images from the web that I do not have the copyright on to distribute on this site.

link (PDF): Leprosy bible quote (Luke 17:11-19), questions and wordsearch.

Sunday school new season September 7, 2006

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This Sunday is the new season for our Sunday school. All the children have moved up a year in school. Some are starting important exams and some of the younger kids are ready to try harder things (and fun things I hope).

I have been trying to call H, my fellow Sunday school teacher, but she is not answering her phone. Looks like only I will be with the kids this Sunday.

I have been thinking seriously and praying about the coming work this year and I have decided that the children learn and understand the bible stories that are learnt, and as Sunday school teachers, we are now better at helping them to apply what they have learnt to their daily lives at school. But there is a slight lack of continuity over how each of the people in the bible relate to each other. (For example, the Israelites were in Egypt because they had been led there by Joseph and his brothers).

So this year, the plan is to be more chronological in the approach and to link everything together. Hopefully we can have a basic timeline and add stories to it as they are learnt.

Wordsearches September 6, 2006

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As part of my preparation for Sunday school, I create some wordsearches so that I have them ready to use in case I need to fill in time.

The resource I use is the Discovery Channel Puzzle Maker. It is free and is by far the best I have seen. Unlike most tools it will create wordsearches with lowercase letters, which is better for younger kids. You can also create ‘text’ wordsearches that you can copy into documents and edit. This is better than the graphic ones that are created by other tools, that look bad when resized.

Choose you words and size and you are away!

Sunday school site September 6, 2006

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