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Dot to dot pictures for Sunday school April 21, 2007

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With picturedots.com, you can turn any image into a connect the dots puzzle or just create one from scratch. So, instead of giving the children a picture to colour, you can create a sophisticated join the dots puzzle challenge for them to do.

To find out how to do it, there is a tutorial.

You can also see all the dot puzzles I have created.


That first youthgroup meeting February 24, 2007

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Tim Schmoyer has an interesting post on what to do at the very first midweek youth meeting. Whether it be because you have moved to a new area, or because it is your first appointment as a youth pastor.

The best way I’ve found to build trust is to model vulnerability and let them see that you’re a real person who is not afraid to be open and authentic. If they see that you can be that way, they’ll feel safer doing the same with you and will naturally be more trusting.

There are some good suggestions on surviving the first few sessions, and is well worth a read.

Healthy Children’s work February 21, 2007

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Robin Khoury on the Church Central site writes about three tips for a healthy children’s ministry. Although the points themselves seem straightforward, the way she expands on them is very helpful.

  • 1. Include families
  • Pray for guidance
  • Each ministry is unique
  • Go and read the article so that you can see her points.

    Using maps at Sunday school February 14, 2007

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    Maps are a great way to start a discussion with children in Sunday school and I have just discovered a website which uses google maps to map the location of places in the bible.

    The website is called Bible Map and each mention of a place is hyperlinked to the satellite map. It is not complete, but it contains some fascinating information.

    All I need now is wireless broadband at church so that I can share this with the kids in my Sunday school class!

    Found via: NMBC Bible Fellowships

    How to praise children effectively February 14, 2007

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    There is an excellent article on encouraging and getting the best out of children called: The Power (and Peril) of Praising Your Kids

    It basically explains that certain types of praise can be detremental.

    When parents praise their children’s intelligence, they believe they are providing the solution to this problem. According to a survey conducted by Columbia University, 85 percent of American parents think it’s important to tell their kids that they’re smart. In and around the New York area, according to my own (admittedly nonscientific) poll, the number is more like 100 percent. Everyone does it, habitually. The constant praise is meant to be an angel on the shoulder, ensuring that children do not sell their talents short.

    But a growing body of research—and a new study from the trenches of the New York public-school system—strongly suggests it might be the other way around. Giving kids the label of “smart” does not prevent them from underperforming. It might actually be causing it.

    Go and read the article, it is long but extremely interesting.

    Bible versions for children February 4, 2007

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    Which bible version should you choose for your Sunday school class?

    • Should you use the version that the adults use, and explain any difficult terms, no matter how disruptive this may be?
    • Or do you use a junior version, such as a specialist children’s bible?

    At home, my six year old has a special children’s bible that I read from that he knows is his. He is still too young to tackle dense biblical prose as yet so I tend to do the reading, which he enjoys. When I was a little older than him, I had a Good News Bible, which I is still popular for children.

    But for Sunday school, I have been copying and pasting verses from an online bible into self-created worksheets for the kids on Sunday. This way I can change difficult words, and make the typeface or font large enough and spaced out enough to make it easier for the children to read. Also splitting it into chunks, so the children share the reading.

    But someone said to me that I should encourage the children to search and read directly from the bible and this got me thinking, as I can see that this is a valid point.

    What do other people do, or is it really a case of considering the age-group that you work with?

    Short Bible quizzes for kids December 31, 2006

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    This morning I was looking for a quick quiz in case I needed to fill time during Sunday school and I came across a website that has many short quizzes.
    There are not exactly formatted for Sunday school but they could be adapted quite easily.