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Useful Sunday School Lessons April 24, 2007

Posted by David in Church School, Puzzle Creation, Religion, Sunday School.

An excellent starting point for some Sunday School lessons are those listed on Calvary Chapel website. There are Old Testament lessons and New Testament Lessons.

There are PDF files, which can be quite annoying, but when you (as a Sunday School teacher) are short of time, there are an excellent resource.


Bible versions for children February 4, 2007

Posted by David in Bible, Childrens bibles, Christian, Church, Church School, church-kids, Faith, Religion, Sunday School.
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Which bible version should you choose for your Sunday school class?

  • Should you use the version that the adults use, and explain any difficult terms, no matter how disruptive this may be?
  • Or do you use a junior version, such as a specialist children’s bible?

At home, my six year old has a special children’s bible that I read from that he knows is his. He is still too young to tackle dense biblical prose as yet so I tend to do the reading, which he enjoys. When I was a little older than him, I had a Good News Bible, which I is still popular for children.

But for Sunday school, I have been copying and pasting verses from an online bible into self-created worksheets for the kids on Sunday. This way I can change difficult words, and make the typeface or font large enough and spaced out enough to make it easier for the children to read. Also splitting it into chunks, so the children share the reading.

But someone said to me that I should encourage the children to search and read directly from the bible and this got me thinking, as I can see that this is a valid point.

What do other people do, or is it really a case of considering the age-group that you work with?