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Sunday school site September 6, 2006

Posted by David in About this site, Church School, Sunday School.

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1. Coline Bettson - September 24, 2006

Hi David !
Greetings from St. Mark & ST. Philip’s Anglican Church, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My husband, Bob is one of the rectors. I have been the only Sunday School teacher, until now…we are finally growing & now Barb is taking the older children…as well, I have hired 2 teens to assist.
Very glad to read your …is it a blog ? Serious stuff, Sunday School, eh ? Best part of my week. Came to Christ 11 years ago. Quite anti-sunday school ” lessons” ie. Noak…at least, from the usual “colour this page” viewpoint.
Two very bright 7 year old boys have been the core og classes. Now, we have 3 more…under 13. Sometimes a couple of shy girls of 6-8.
What about you ?

2. David - September 25, 2006

Hi Coline, thanks for dropping by.
We have boys with the following ages, 11, 10, 7 and 6 and girls aged 8 and 4. So not too many.
What I find difficult at the moment is preparing for the kids and doing the weekly bulletin/website each week before church, but I would rather give up the other jobs and keep doing the kids as it is the most rewarding.
God Bless.

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